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When we graduated not too long ago, we all wanted to stay in touch with the organization that had given us so much as students, Tufts Rowing. In our view, the rowing experience extends far past senior year and can stay with you for the rest of your life. We realized however, that despite a lot of energy in the vibrant alumni community, there was no organization actively attempting to bring everyone together.


After a conversation among several Tufts Rowing Alumni, the Friends of Tufts Rowing was born. Our goals are simple: to bring together Tufts Rowing alumni from all over the country, mentor current student athletes, and raise money to assist the team.

We are incredibly excited to embark on this journey and we hope that you are as well! We look forward to seeing you all and reconnecting at many of our upcoming events.

Our Mission

To create the best possible collegiate rowing experience by giving back to the program, bringing together individuals with a shared interest in Tufts Crew, and supporting its further successes.

our story
The fotr officiers
John Bailey
Sofia Shield

Vice President

Tafari Duncan
Jeff Aalberg

About us

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